Each Teaching/Activity Kit contains over 16 different lesson plans that cover all aspects of the country. These lesson plans (which are highly educational … but also FUN!) include:

  • Map
  • Flag
  • Facts about country (capital, population, neighboring countries, etc.)
  • “Fun” Facts about the country (i.e. for Thailand: Did you know that Thailand is home to the unusual “Mudskipper” – an amphibious fish that can walk on land (using its fins) and climb trees!)
  • History timeline
  • Language lessons
  • Snack and recipe ideas
  • Games
  • Art projects - with instructions
  • Nametag ideas (give kids a “new” name while they study a country - someone famous from that area!)
  • Other supplements/handouts (like the fascinating history of chocolate for the Maya/Guatemala)
  • … and much more!

Please click a sample from a Teaching/Activity Kit:


Globetrotter Kits are not just maps and country facts - but include activities, games and art projects that make learning fun! Games include: scavenger hunts, bingo and archeological digs. Art projects include: making a batik print (for Indonesia), creating a gaucho/cowboy belt (for Argentina), and building the Great Wall of China. Snack/recipe ideas include: making cheese for Switzerland, Satay peanut sauce for Thailand, and Alfajores cookies for Argentina.


These kits can be used by ANYONE! – teachers, homeschool parents, after-school groups, babysitters, and clubs and organizations (like Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts). They can be integrated into everyday classroom teachings and curriculum – or used by parents, kids and families who just want a great, fun, educational activity (or different and unique ideas for birthday parties, etc.)!